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About Nady in press:

Welcome in the world of jewelry made by NADY. You can find here original handmade jewels made of high-quality materials. Each of jewels in offer is original, each was born in my brain and was made by my hands. There are no two completely same jewels and wouldn´t be in future. My jewels are linked by fine work, colors and often variability.

Every jewel in offer is in stock, can be send immediately to you. "Gallery" in the menu is virtual exhibition hall of jewels, what are sold already, and there are ratings of my customers. If you like my jewelry and wish special jewel only for you, we can make a deal about handcraft on request.

For women to be beautiful,      

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Detail of item - Up to stars (necklace)
Detail of item - Bacteriophage (necklace)
Detail of item - Shield (necklace)